Volunteer Opportunities | Pregnancy Resource Center


Living Alternatives can only meet its mission to the extent that individuals in the community are willing to donate their time and energy to the functions of the ministry. Volunteers are caring people who are willing to listen to the needs of our clients and help them honestly explore their pregnancy options. Volunteers who are dedicated to their relationship with God are able to show the unconditional love that our clients crave. The beauty of the PRC ministry comes not only from promoting life-affirming options, but also from sacrificially being willing to walk beside her through her experience to the other side. Volunteers are equipped and trained by staff to work with the PRC clients, participate in fundraisers to strengthen the financial position of the center, and assist the ministry with maintaining the beauty and health of the building. All of these volunteers are important to the ministry of the Pregnancy Resource Center, Merci’s Refuge, and Birchwood Apartments. Their generous donation of time and love and energy is valued by Living Alternatives.
There are many different roles that a volunteer can step into. Click on the titles below for more information.

Boutique Volunteers

Help the PRC with the organization, restocking, and cleanliness of the material items and work to assist clients with obtaining baby items.

Building Support Volunteers

Provide the PRC with the much-needed help of essential building maintenance, whether it is picking weeds, hanging shelves, or fixing light switches.

Church Champion

Are the primary link between a church, business, or small group and the PRC Champions are responsible for making sure that PRC events are shared and promoted within a church or group.

Client Services Volunteers

Are the backbone of our client care and are provided various levels of training to equip them to serve at a residential facility, mentor parents seeking education support, serve as the client advocate during a medical appointment, or work with one of our many other programs within the ministry.

F.A.C.E. Committee

(Fundraising and Community Extensions) is an extension of the ministry into the community, assisting the PRC with fundraising, donor acquisition, and community awareness.

Prayer Support Volunteers

Are needed to simply be present in the building to pray over the building, the individuals that walk through it, and for the other volunteers to have wisdom as they work with clients.

Office Support/Receptionist Volunteers

Are trained as the frontline of the ministry as they are the first face to greet clients as they come in and handle sensitive phone calls. They also are needed to help with scheduling, mailings, sorting, making phone calls, and other crucial tasks to the center operating efficiently.

Volunteer Nurses

Nurses who volunteer their time in one of our medical clinics or mobile clinic to use their nursing credentials and medical credibility to better inform patients of their options and provide verification of pregnancy.

Overnight Volunteers

Volunteers who stay at one of our residential facilities and are on call for resident needs.