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Living Alternatives can only meet its mission to the extent that individuals in the community are willing to donate their time and energy to the functions of the ministry. Volunteers are caring people who are willing to listen to the needs of our clients and help them honestly explore their pregnancy options. Volunteers who are dedicated to their relationship with God are able to show the unconditional love that our clients crave. The beauty of the PRC ministry comes not only from promoting life-affirming options, but also from sacrificially being willing to walk beside her through her experience to the other side. Volunteers are equipped and trained by staff to work with the PRC clients, participate in fundraisers to strengthen the financial position of the center, and assist the ministry with maintaining the beauty and health of the building. All of these volunteers are important to the ministry of the Pregnancy Resource Center and Merci’s Refuge. Their generous donation of time and love and energy is valued by Living Alternatives.
There are many different roles that a volunteer can step into. Click on the titles below for more information.

Merci’s Refuge Residential Program

Merci’s Refuge opened in 2016. We have a variety of volunteer opportunities in our residential home including helping with life skill classes, leading bible studies, worship, mentoring, and night time and weekend shift managers.

F.A.C.E. Committee (Fundraising and Community Extension)

This committee is an extension of the ministry into the community, assisting the PRC with fundraising, donor acquisition, and community awareness. They become the “face” of the ministry to the community, as well as the “eyes” and “ears” of the PRC to better know and understand the community we serve.

Volunteer Nurses

Nurses who volunteer their time in one of our six medical clinics are able to use their nursing skills and their medical credibility to better inform the patients in their decisions. Some nurses go through extensive ultrasound training in order to provide ultrasound scans on those women who qualify.

Client Advocates

These volunteers go through extensive training to prepare themselves to meet with those individuals who have come to the PRC for a pregnancy test or options counseling.

H.O.P.E. Mentors

These volunteers work with our clients in the parenting education program, teaching and mentoring the mothers and fathers as they prepare for parenthood and newborn care.

Church Ambassadors

A dictionary definition of an ambassador is “an authorized representative or messenger.” What we desire each of our centers to set up is a team of ambassadors, one within each church body that supports us, and that officially represents our organization to both the pastoral staff and the congregation of that church.

Clothing Room Volunteers

These volunteers help the PRC with the organization and cleanliness of the material items, training to assist clients with the obtaining of baby items as well as to present the gospel if the opportunity should present itself.

Office Support

These volunteers give of their time and energy to help with the busy work of the ministry: sorting, filing, mailings, phone calls, etc. Many of these volunteers go through the training to answer the PRC phones and handle incoming calls from potential clients or patients.

Building Support

These volunteers provide the PRC with the much needed help keeping the PRC looking clean and professional, whether they are helping with general cleaning, deep cleaning or building maintenance.