Pregnancy Services - Living Alternatives - Illinois & Indiana

Pregnancy Services

Pregnancy Testing/Ultrasound Scanning

“Am I pregnant?” This is often the first question a woman needs answered when she comes to the Pregnancy Resource Center. In our eight medical clinics, women receive on-site pregnancy testing administered by medical professionals. Ultrasound scanning is also available to help answer the question of viability – Is the pregnancy in the uterus? Is there cardiac activity? What is the gestational age? (Qualifications apply) In our four non-medical centers, a woman is able to administer her own urine pregnancy test on-site with trained client advocates available to answer her questions.

Options Counseling

“What now?” This is often the second question a woman needs answered. We are here to help her find the truth and answer any questions she may have as she explores her options, while equipping her with information on fetal development and available resources.

H.O.P.E. Mentoring Program

“But I’m not ready to be a mom” or “I cannot afford another baby.” These are often concerns a woman faces while exploring her options. The H.O.P.E. program offers parenting education on how to have a healthy pregnancy, what to expect in labor & delivery, how to take care of a newborn and general parenting skills. Incentives are created to help each parent earn points, often called “Baby Bucks”, which can be spent in our clothing room to obtain items such as diapers, formula, clothing, baby supplies and baby equipment. New car seats and cribs are also available in order to provide a safe place for babies to travel and sleep. Relationships are built with our mentors and women find HOPE in the midst of their circumstances.

Adoption Support

Information on adoption is available for women as they explore their options. The PRC is a safe place for a woman to ask questions and consider the possibility of adoption. We are not an adoption agency, nor do we provide legal services. Living Alternatives emotionally supports a woman through her decision and will provide peer support through the pregnancy and birth, as well as after placement. Women interested in pursuing adoption are referred to licensed adoption agencies or attorneys.

Post-Abortion Healing

Living Alternatives is committed to coming alongside women who live with the regret of an abortion in their past. Weekly individual sessions, groups and Deeper Still weekend retreats are among the many ways in which we strive to help men and women find healing and forgiveness.

STI/STD Information

Pregnancy is not the only concern for women who are sexually active. Sexually transmitted diseases and infections are a reality for many women. The PRC has information to educate and inform women regarding these risks. Our medical clinics in Bloomington-Normal and Tazewell County are currently offering STI testing for the two most common infections (chlamydia and gonorrhea).

Abstinence Education

Living Alternatives promotes and offers abstinence education to our clients, local youth groups and schools. We believe sexual abstinence until marriage is God’s perfect plan and we come alongside young people to offer support for their decision to choose purity.

The Rocking Chair

Living Alternatives offers support to expectant mothers whose unborn baby has been diagnosed with an adverse or terminal condition and wishes to carry the baby to term. We offer support to the mother and family throughout her pregnancy, the birth, life and sometimes death of her child and beyond as desired. We understand that an adverse pregnancy diagnosis can be difficult. We invite women and couples to come and discuss their options and gather information before making a permanent decision about the pregnancy.