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Pregnancy Testing

The pregnancy test we offer is a nurse or physician administered urine test able to determine pregnancy hormone levels sufficient to indicate pregnancy. The test is 99.8% accurate.

Ultrasound Exams

We offer ultrasound scanning to confirm the presence of a viable pregnancy and determine the gestational age or the number of weeks pregnant you are.

After Abortion Support

Support for women is available in a one on one conversation.  Some locations offer support in a small group setting as well. Healing and restoration occurs best in the context of a supportive and confidential environment.

For Men

Men, now is the time to stand up and take part in your pregnant partner’s life. She needs to know that you care and you are ready to walk through this with her.

Pregnancy & Parenting Education/Mentoring

The education and mentoring program is designed to assist women, and families, by offering life skills through guided educational sessions with a mentor.

Adoption Support

The PRC is a safe place for a woman to ask questions and consider the possibility of adoption.

Pregnancy Loss Support

In the case of pregnancy loss or an adverse pregnancy diagnosis, the PRC provides emotional support and mentoring to help the mother and/or family cope with the news.