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Mobile Clinic


This mobile clinic on wheels will equip women facing pregnancy decisions with excellent care, compassionate support and honest information.

Facing an unexpected pregnancy can seem overwhelming. It is important to know where you can receive the help and care you need! The Image Clear Ultrasound mobile unit wants to help you through this time of uncertainty. We offer honest and accurate information about all pregnancy options including parenting, adoption, and abortion. We have licensed medical personnel and trained client advocates to discuss these options with you and give you FREE pregnancy testing and ultrasounds. We do not offer abortion services or do abortion referrals, but we will gladly discuss any questions or concerns that you have about that option.

About This Location

Welcome to the Mobile Clinic in Northern Will County! We’re located at an intersection near you! Call us at (630) 335-3639 to learn where we will be today. We are available to answer your questions and would love to connect you with the resources you need. Let us know how we can help you!