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Prenatal Diagnosis

Have you received a prenatal diagnosis for your unborn baby? We understand that the time you expected to be filled with joy and anticipation may have become filled with fear and uncertainty. We invite women and families to come and discuss their options and gather information before making a final decision about their pregnancy. Studies have shown that 80% of parents, when offered comprehensive support, will choose to carry to term. Additionally, these families reported they were glad they chose to carry with support and would encourage others to do the same.

Willow Story offers compassionate, comprehensive support to parents after a prenatal diagnosis. Our services include:

  • Case management care from diagnosis to one year after birth
  • Compassionate support in creating a birth plan that reflects your desires and goals
  • Grace in capturing memories and collecting keepsakes
  • Life-honoring solace though pregnancy, birth, and after care
  • Honest information regarding grief
  • Contact information for community resources
  • Respect in development of lasting tribute/memorial 

We would be honored to be a part of your story and to provide you with tools, support, and encouragement for your own unique journey.

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